What is header bidding?

Header Bidding is a programmatic technique, which enables publishers to run an auction with multiple demand partners simultaneously before sending the ad request to their server.

We use both client side and server side header bidding solutions

Client Side solution

Here bids are sent to all partners directly from the site. This can cause performance drop if there are too many header bidding partners. Usual recommendation is to have a max of 5. It’s a good idea to put all not so important demand partners or demand partners having higher delays behind server side solution.

Server side

For server side we use our Rtbdemand Adapter connected to several DSP and SSP over OpenRtb. At times when we are not connected to a demand partner we use Appnexus right now for supporting S2S support.

So let us know if you are thinking of implementing this.


What is EBDA?

Major ad exchanges who work with publishers who insist on using EBDA, may have little choice and be forced to integrate into EBDA and participate in a server side auction. While from a latency and efficiency perspective, server side bidding has it’s benefits for publishers (they can integrate as many partners as they want in theory to participate in the auction), From the demand side, exchanges may have problems cookie matching and wont be able to see their code on a live publisher page client side.

EBDA is still in beta with a handful of publishers participating as Google fully evaluates then positioning of the product and figures out the effect in the grand scheme of things. While the Beta started in April 2016, we have been hearing more and more publishers discuss EBDA in Q1 of 2018.

It’s an exciting time to be a publisher and hopefully we hear more announcements or see a working demo of EBDA in the near future. Time will tell if Google’s “version of header bidding” will be successful!